Sunday, February 21, 2016

Terry's Life - 5

Freddy, the man-eater, series

One of the simplest ways to connect with people is to talk about themselves. Even just a tiny little bit helps. By our very nature, we are all interested first in ourselves- we love the sound of our name, we get nostalgic about our past, we love to talk about stuff we are good at, and our needs generally come before others' requirements. Terry is trying to create a bond, a rapport, with his difficult manager by finding out something interesting about his past and using it to start a conversation. This usually helps in dropping defenses and makes way to a good conversation. 

But, what is this thing behind Freddy? What kind of paranormal activity is going on here? To be revealed in the next episode of Terry's Life. Stay tuned. 


  1. Very cool ! Reminds me the lesson from "how to win friends and influence people" : )

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