Thursday, December 17, 2015

Terry's Life - 1

If you are a Manager with responsibilities for even one person, which of the following have you not done lately?

1. Patted somebody's back for accomplishing something, even though there might have been better ways of doing it
2. Clearly yet politely highlighted what those better ways might have been
3. Gave prompt, yet complete and constructive feedback, while staying within the confines of professional conduct
4. Strived to understand the enabling and limiting motivations, specific to the person
5. Made sure that the environment was clear, in terms of expectations, consequences, uncertainties and work load
6. Offered a helping hand when troubles arose, and didn't use negative motivations (like shouting or calling names)
7. Discussed professional growth and career, with genuine intent and without prejudice
8. Treated the person like a fellow human, with life outside the office and preferences different from your own
9. Ensured that you were approachable, not just physically but intellectually and emotionally
10. Tried to gather feedback about yourself, directly and indirectly, with a genuine intent of improving yourself

If there are a few that you haven't been doing, now is probably as best as any other time to start.

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