Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"The Proof of the Pudding Argument"

People who know me understand why I love xkcd comics, and this one in particular. It is actually titled "The Economic Argument", but you know how much I like food so I call it "The Proof of the Pudding Argument".

Your irrationality seems a little uncomfortable, eh? No? Study that table again...carefully...Now? What, still irrational? OK. Get a dowsing rod over your head to check for some brain, and take some distilled water...I mean, sorry,homeopathic magic formula...to gain some neural matter. But, do that at an auspicious time with a pyramid over your head, while a baba dances with neem leaves around the bed. Go on, picturize it. What, that sounds crazy? Well, it apparently works for chicken pox! And Arthiritis. And Cancer. And Aids. But sadly not for "Moronitis".

While we are making fun of people suffering from Moronitis, check this out too. Ha Ha Ha.