Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dear fellow techies: what you should do?

Siddharth Uppal (Sid, as we call him) has been one of the best technologists, and certainly one of the best people I have known. He was my very first team mate at D. E. Shaw after I joined the company and even though I was his Manager, I got to learn a lot from him. Among other things, he got me into blogging.
Quite an avid blogger himself (his blog is called Some Creativity), a few months ago Sid wrote a small and simple piece that every techie should read. In this article he gives very down to earth, simple yet powerful advice to techies working in a typical project team. I personally agree with his points 100%. I have shared my views on project management and related stuff on this blog in the past, but I think Sid's post encapsulates most of those points in a simple manner.
While you are at it, check out his discussion about a simple report generator- like the man himself, simple yet awesome.
I proud of you, my friend.


  1. Thanks for your kind words :)

    I believe breakage teaches a lot more than when everything works as it is supposed to. Maybe that's the difference between being experienced and a newbie - you get to see a lot of broken things and learn from analyzing how they could have been prevented.

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