Thursday, November 30, 2006

Increasing Self-Discipline

I found this very interesting piece today. It gives you three very very simple tips to increase self discipline:
1. Make a want list
2. Imagine your life as a timeline
3. Visual Inspiration

These steps are simple and may even work.

Monday, November 06, 2006

5 Principles for programming

A friend forwarded me a pretty unconventional article called 5 principles for programming. It starts with a very rare disclaimer: "I didn’t invent any of them, and I don’t always follow them. But since nobody seems to know very much about making good software, it makes sense to try to distill a little wisdom when possible."

The five principles mentioned there are:
1. Fail Fast
2. Write Less Code (and Don’t Repeat Yourself)
3. Computer Programs Are For People
4. Do The Right Thing
5. Reduce State

And finally, the author gives a piece of advice that I think is very valid, especially if you don't have a comp-sci educational background (even for the comp-sci folk, good list to revisit outside the exam-cram-season):

1. Learn a functional programming language
2. Learn how operating systems work
3. Learn how databases work
4. Learn how to read a computer science paper
5. Learn as much math as you can (but which math…)

Go read it.