Thursday, July 27, 2006

Seven Rules to Guarantee Project Failure

I read a lot about Management, especially Project Management. But, only some deserve to be blogged. Like this one by Geoff Choo (the link is to a PDF file). The rules are listed below:

1. Deliver, Deliver and Deliver
2. Planning is for Wimps
3. Whip Your Team to Higher Performance
4. Communication is for Losers
5. The Big-Bang Effect
6. Common Sense Rules!
7. Rub your lcients the Right Way

The above list may not convey much, but the interesting, entertaining and short (just two pages) article has a lot to say. While reading through it, I had several deja-vu moments that made the reading even more interesting. I suggest all Software Developers/ Leaders/ Managers read it, at least once.

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