Thursday, July 27, 2006

Seven Rules to Guarantee Project Failure

I read a lot about Management, especially Project Management. But, only some deserve to be blogged. Like this one by Geoff Choo (the link is to a PDF file). The rules are listed below:

1. Deliver, Deliver and Deliver
2. Planning is for Wimps
3. Whip Your Team to Higher Performance
4. Communication is for Losers
5. The Big-Bang Effect
6. Common Sense Rules!
7. Rub your lcients the Right Way

The above list may not convey much, but the interesting, entertaining and short (just two pages) article has a lot to say. While reading through it, I had several deja-vu moments that made the reading even more interesting. I suggest all Software Developers/ Leaders/ Managers read it, at least once.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Anti-terrorist measures in India: Block Blogs

Governments do truckloads of nonsense day in and day out. So much, every well informed citizen of the world knows. But, sometimes they outperform themselves.
After the Mumbai blasts, the Indian government feels an urge to stop blogging sites. Including Why? Because terrorists use blogs. What? Really? I mean, are you serious? I guess they also use e-mail, so will Mr. Singh's government stop all e-mails? How about Orkut? Afterall, they can create terrorist communities online. Right? What about online chat? That is something the terrorists could use heavily to plot more bomb blasts, so lets stop that. What the heck...lets get rid of computers altogether. Alternatively, get rid of this sick Government.
I understand that it is natural to panic after something as devastating as the 7/11 blasts in Mumbai. The Bush led government in the US panicked similarly after 9/11, and attacked Afghanistan and Iraq apart from making lives of so many others utterly miserable. But, US is a BAD example to follow when it comes to governance and policy making. I can only hope that our Government sees the absurdity in this step and lifts such non-sense sanctions.
Anyway, there are ways and means of circumventing this ban. Please go through the India Uncut blog for more.