Monday, June 19, 2006

The 48 Laws of Power, money and related stuff

(Sorry about the title. Couldn't think of a better one for this post)

I was reading an interesting article about (or, rather, against) Robert Kiyosaki and I stumbled upon a link in it that pointed to "The 48 Laws of Power", by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers. To say that I loved those laws and the way they were put together would be an understatement. Go and read it all at
And yes. Don't forget John Treed's take on Kiyosaki in the article I mentioned at the beginning of the post.
Talking about Kiyosaki, money and all that, I have another blog to refer to: Go read it, but if you are from (or in) Indian, I would specially suggest you study his Real Estate Cash Flow Calculator. But, read about it on his website first.
Phew. Those are too many links for one post. So, here I end.


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