Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sabeer Bhatia's new project

Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of hotmail who made $400 million from its sale to MS, is on a new venture these days- a blogbar. Read some details on this Indian Express site.
Anyways, it is a toolbar (called Blogeverywhere - no, the link is not working as of today) that does two things:

1. Better Hotmail experience: Provides option for offline viewing of mail, faster mail access etc. What I don't understand is what additional value does it add over Outlook Express? Any ideas? Apart from revving up Hotmail, Blogeverywhere’s application software will help you access blogs and retrieve real site syndication (RSS) feeds faster.

2. You can comment on any website/ webpage. There are two buttons: read and write. Clicking on the 'Read' button will let you view what others have posted about a particular site while clicking on the 'Write' button helps you write your own comments. Sabeer says that this will help in democratization of web. I think this is a decent idea. But, how many people will be inclined to read 'about' the site rather than the site itself remains to be seen. I mean, why do you visit a site? To view it, right? How many times would you want to read what others think of it? How many times did you have that inclination? Personally, I can think of a few instances but they were few and far between. Having said that, people have a strange way of throwing surprises so I won't be surprised if general 'junta' love this idea.

Financial Times has some details: Bhatia has invested $5 million from his personal fortune to develop blogeverywhere over the past two years. The idea was initially conceived by Shiraz Kanga, an Indian former software developer with Cisco Systems.

I think, I still like Voifi. VoiFi (Beta), is an instant messaging (IM) service and a peer-to-peer telephony software that also offers calls for Re 1 from any part of the world to India. This is like Skype or Yahoo! with entertainment added in.