Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Please teach traffic rules to Police

Hyderabad is a funny place. I mean, it is nice and all, but when it comes to traffic...it is a lesson in chaos- or how to create it. The following happened last Sunday, when I was going to meet a friend.
Congress Plenary was in full swing and there were khaki men all over the city, more so on the roads leading to the venue. I was happily driving away in my Hyundai Santro on Banjara Hills road no. 3. The traffic was a bit slow, but smoothly moving and I was on the left-most lane. I wanted to get into the middle lane. My indicator went winking and I was about to turn the wheel when a cop standing on the side motioned me to a stop. He came hurriedly to me:

Constable: Saab. Right turn do kilometer ke baad hai ("Sir, the right turn is after two kilometers").
Me: Jaanta hoon. Main tho sirf lane badal raha tha ("I know. I was just changing lanes")
Constable, turning away: Indicator daal ke logon ko confuse nakko karo saab ("Don't confuse people by blinking your indicator")

Will someone please kick this guy's ass and put him in a driving school where they actually "teach"? I mean, here is a traffic cop asking me not to confuse people by indicating that I want to change lanes. Ass hole of the alpha kind (pardon my french).


  1. That explains why I am finding it hard to pass my driver knowledge test to get a license in Seattle :-)

  2. :))
    An append after a long time..thanks to trafic police:)