Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Making money from your blog, the Seth Godin way

Ok. Heres the deal. You convince people to pay me $1000 to read my blog, and I will pay you $100 per person. What? Bad idea? Ok. Change of plan. Send them to Hyderabad, India (there's a small town by that name in Pakistan too), where I will talk it matter?...let me think...Effective Business Systems (ah! that sounds good) for $1000 and I will pay you $100 per head. I will talk for two days. Now, does that sound reasonable? No?

Well, Seth Godin thinks otherwise. He will pay you $100 if a person joins his seminar after reading it from your blog. But ofcourse, that person will need to shell out $1,650 first for a one day seminar. Yeah, for a one day seminar in New York. And he writes "It’s in mid Manhattan, in the fanciest neighborhood in North America, so hotels and cabs and airlines should be easy to identify and book. You’re on your own." (my highlights)

I know. I am no Seth Godin, but I have a two day seminar, guys, and it is $650 cheaper. And I'll throw in lunch, with two coffee breaks during the day. I'll also give a free notebook and a freshly sharpened pencil. Anyone? Guys? Hello???


  1. BTW, Seth also has a guarantee:

    If you don’t think it’s worth what it costs, send me a letter when you get home and I’ll refund your money. Alas, no refunds for no-shows.