Friday, October 14, 2005

IIPM threatens to sue a blogger

Gaurav Sabnis, an IBM (now Lenovo) employee and a popular Indian blogger, linked to an article in a local magazine that IIPM didn't quite like. IIPM threatened to sue Gaurav and also called up a senior IBM executive and threatened to burn IBM laptops. To save his freedom of speech, and for IBM's well-being, Gaurav voluntarily resigned from IBM. Kiruba made this t-shirt in response:

Check out Gaurav's post and the article in the local magazine that Gaurav linked to.


  1. Oh I loved gaurav's post. wasn't able to post a comment directly there.
    Not only IIPM..Rai University is another name. guys have ruined hundreds of student's lives n careers. they suck! A lot of political n monetary support..can we fight against them? Am a victim!!

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  3. Jam magazine has removed their article but Gaurav (the blogger) has not. Applause for not only the courage but also to stand by what he said. Bravo!