Friday, September 23, 2005

Blogs are being beamed into space...koi mil gaya?

While casually browsing, I stumbled upon this. MindComet, a relationship management company based in Florida, is beaming blogs into space. The idea is that aliens can get to know humans better by reading ramblings of ordinary homo-sapiens. Check it all out at the following links:

Here are some possible reactions from the head of planet Zorg after reading some blogs I know:
Sid: "Wow. These guys have programming in their blood. Can make good slaves to write our programs"
GeekHead: "This species must have been extinct by now. How can they all be so fond of smoking and yet survive? Hmm...I guess we should get this specimen called SmokingJoe for analysis."
Sajid: "Wow...these guys are good fun. If we can enslave them on Zorg, we will have good entertainment. Get the ships ready, Major Maksanador. Lets import some fun"
Tanveer: "We must attack Earth and get them all here, but leave this guy alone. Sounds pretty useless to me"


  1. Nice marketing ploy by the people behind Blogsinspace! I doubt if it is anything more than that - a marketing strategy.

  2. Did the following text attract the Anonymous spam comment?

    but leave this guy alone. Sounds pretty useless to me


  3. The message has been recieved from some alien:
    It says:
    "Jee Mee howla. syang OO waik."

    Some experts have translated it
    "you care for us.
    Thanks earth creature."