Thursday, September 08, 2005

The 3 Essential Rules that Guarantee a Successful Business

Hmmm...everybody has a magic number to success. The '7' habits of highly effective people. The '22' immutable laws of marketing. The '4' P's of marketing (they have now incremented it to 5). The list is countless. I guess it all started in the pre-biblical era with all those '10' commandments and the '7' sins.
However, a few of them have good advice that is worth assimilating. FollowSteph's article on the 3 essential rules borders on truism and good wisdom. However, her three rules are worthy to be printed in large print and posted in the sad cubicle of every product designer and every business developer:
1. Solve a problem
2. Make it easy
3. Make it work 100%

I won't go into the details of how we often don't solve a real problem, or make the solution pathetically convoluted (for the always is easy for us) or leave a half-cooked broth and still expect a sale. Read it here.

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