Monday, August 01, 2005

What to do with my motherboard?

I happen to have a spare motherboard- an AMD Athlon 2400. And I don't want to sell it on e-bay. I want to do something creative and useful with it and would like YOU to give me some suggestions. So far, my friends have thrown these ideas at me:

1. Home automation system
2. Home security system
3. A robot to help me with household stuff (like cleaning floors, vaccuming etc.)
4. Use it as a paper weight or a 'geeky' wall hanger

You need to remember that I am no PhD holding scientist here. I am a software engineer by profession, a poet by passion and a mad-man by reputation. So, what do you suggest?


  1. Going by my last paragraph, you might be inclined to suggest: "make a computer that will write poetry to make people go crazy".
    Well guys, I don't want to invent my e-clone. So any other ideas?

  2. I vote for "1. Home automation system". That should be fun and immensely satisfying when finished.

    Or, how about a Skype pay-phone clone?

  3. Another thought just came to me: how about a simple game console that would hook up to a TV? A box with required paraphernalia (joystick, steering wheel etc.) will contain this motherboard and other stuff and would hook up to a TV (using a simple TV out card) and voila we have a game console.
    But, I would like to make something more than just a toy (I am not a big gamer, you see). Suggestions people.

  4. How about a home audio juke box?