Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Amway, Quixtar, Britt Worldwide: An MSNBC Story

Quite literally, tens of Amway/Quixtar/BrittWorldwide IBOs have approached me in the last few years making wild claims of fortune and 'independence'. Whenever I tried to work out the scheme on paper, in black and white, it didn't make sense. While I don't necessary rebuke the power of multi-level marketing, the way of Amway may not be the right way after all. In May last year, MSNBC conducted a 'secret camera' sting operation and came out with the following story. Go on and read it at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4375477/
Not to be left shivering in the Dateline storm, Quixtar came up with a response on this site.
You may also want to check out http://amquix.info/amway.html for a detailed analysis of how Amway's version of multi-level marketing may not work, after all.
Another interesting reading comes from an ex-distributor who wrote a book in the eighties and which is now available online: "Fake it Till You Make It".

Bottomline: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


  1. I agree with you. I have been with Amway ever since I came to USA in 1999. It has given me nothing but trouble. So, I opted out. You want my advice? Kick out all those who approach you about Amway. Stay away, unless you love stupid tapes.

  2. A company doing 7 Billion USD, with millions of Consumers/Distributors around the world. Operating for last 50 years and you are saying that it wont work.

    If you have the courage say, I cant make it work for me.

    It has worked for many and it will work for many in the future.

    Understand the products & the company and you will have the answers. Just like any business, people succeed and people failed. If people fail it doesnt mean the business is bad.

  3. I agree with Sunil. People not blame themselves for the failure, always look for someone or something to blame. Quixtar is not the easiest business in the world. There are some jerks who really misinterpret the business plan and make it look like 'get-rich-quick' business. It is not. So some people get disappointed and write bad about the business and others read this 'bad news' and 100% believe it. That is the society, what can you do.
    Former Quixtar IBO.

  4. I agree with sunil, Brian Tracy, Donald Trump, David Bach, Jim Rohn (Anthony Robbin's Mentor)go to wikipedia and look up, quixtar and look at everyone else that supports the business model. You will see John Maxwell, Dr. Phil. I think the only that doesn't support this business model are those who have broken expectations, which would have happened with any business venture...poor, poor bitter people. Instead of getting up and trying again, you quit.

  5. Amway mostly works for the people at the top of Amway! At one point they had the largest corporate jet fleet of any non airline business in the world, and why, so the people at the top suckering the hordes who wanted to be rich could do whatever they liked. If you don't have the personality to charm people into a sucker deal Amway won't work for you.

  6. amway will forever be the biggest con artists. Bill Brit had easy ie he had his own bus to promote the goods. You try doing that today and some piss head at amway will tell because of some silly company policy your not allowed to do that. Im based here in the UK and Your not allow to make pamphlets or do your own advertising, if you do you have to submit it to them b4 they say yes or most of the time no.

    They still me money for these so called tools they use